Harriet's Next Adventure

The world's most beloved Bald Eagle Matriarch is back and her story continues in "Harriet's Next Adventure" as readers follow along while Harriet & her mate hatch and raise their young.

Loved by millions around the World on the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam, these books can be enjoyed by all ages while watching the live cameras or simply learn about the bald eagle species from the colorful and realistic illustrations and story lines.

If you're new to the Harriet board book series or would like to share the fun, you can now purchase the two books together at a special bundled price.

ISBN: 978-0-692-18978-8 .
ISBN: 978-0-578-59092-9.

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Our Story

The Day with Harriet Series was written by Ginnie Pritchett McSpadden, co-creator of the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam. Her family has been observing and educating viewers about bald eagles since 2012.

A new mom to son Emory, she was inspired to write a book for him and all young kids around the world that could read, watch and learn from these majestic birds. She hopes this book provides another touch point to educating and protecting these beautiful raptors for many years to come.


The Day With Harriet book series was illustrated by Brittany Cobb, graphic designer and longtime friend of Ginnie's. Brittany is a military wife who moved from Florida in 2010. She's traveled with her husband from Florida to Germany, Georgia and now resides North Carolina. She's a mother to five year old Ava who loves checking in on Harriet and supervising illustration of the book.


Brittany and Ginnie have been involved in many creative pursuits sharing ideas via text and email at all hours of the night and day. They look forward to continuing this book series with further exploration into Harriet and her family's adventures in the nest.

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